Amphetamines & Sympathomimetic amines

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[CAS Number 1281872-58-9] 6-APDB.HCl is an analog of MDA and an entactogen drug belonging to both the amphetamine and phenethylamine class. 6-APDB.HCl is ava...
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[CAS Number 286834-80-8] 5-APB.HCl, commonly known as "Benzofury," is a derivative of MDA belonging to the amphetamine and phenethylamine class. This designe...
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[CAS Number 286834-84-2] 6-APB.HCl is a phenethylamine designer drug possessing hallucinogenic effects similar to MDA. Recognized by its street name Benzo Fu...
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[CAS Number 2706-50-5] d,l-Amphetamine.HCl is a synthetic stimulant categorized as an amphetamine. This product is a racemic mixture that consists of equal p...
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